Green and Blue and Up Close To You

At the markets last weekend I bought a Peacock feather with the intent to take photos of it. I adore macro photography and wanted to see what I could come up with when looking up close and personal like with this unique and colourful feather.

I enjoy the creative side to photography and really love seeing the world through the interesting eye of a macro lens. It views things in such an up close and personal way that it changes the way you look at things when you are not viewing them in a macro way. You tend to take in the detail of things more and really look at them, taking in all their facets, not just the surface and most obvious ones. It is amazing all the detail that you may have otherwise missed before and now pay attention to.

So what can be made from a simple feather I hear you ask…let’s just see shall we. I will let the images speak for themselves.

I am not one for bold colours in my everyday life, but I am fascinated by the unique colourings of these feathers. I think they come up so vivid in the shots. Maybe I need to get one framed and add some colour to my day. I again used the macro lens as I wanted to get all the fine details especially in the water drops that magnify the feather where they lay. I really am addicted to that lens. Maybe I need to go out and use the wide angle that I have barely touched and see what I can come up with for my next post.. take care and remember….

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

Car xx

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5 Responses to Green and Blue and Up Close To You

  1. Well they sure do make quite the unique photographic subject, as do the birds themselves, but man do they make one heck of a noise… (the birds that is, not the feathers..)
    Real nice selection of shots though Car, and the inclusion of the drops was a neat idea too…

    • carshamus says:

      Thanks Slug, I have had this in mind to do for a while. I do love the colour and detail you get to see using the macro lens. It is so miserable and grey and raining here that indoor shots are the only way to go at the moment ;} Car

  2. Karen White says:

    Beautiful vivid colours. I love the patterns and textures.

  3. ron miguel says:

    beautiful my friend as always…. well presented and nicely composed !

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