Danny & Karen

I did my first “gig” on Saturday. A friend that I work with asked me if I would take the photos for her renewing of her vows ceremony. Her and her husband decided to do this on their 30th wedding anniversary. They are such a wonderful couple and ever so loving and I was pleased to accept. So the pressure was on. It was a hot and very steamy afternoon and the ceremony was held at their home with family and friends in attendance and we were hoping the afternoon would hold out as thunderstorms were predicted. They did, but only just….

Danny and Karen are such a wonderful happy couple ( yes even after 30 years) and their renewing or their vows was so touching and personal it was special just to witness it. Karen was walked up to a silk clad pergola by her father where she met Danny. Flowers had been handed out earlier and guests were invited to come and place them in a vase at the table and say a few words if they wished. What a lovely idea and it went off beautifully. They then shared some words to each other, Danny barely getting through his all choked with emotion. It was very sweet indeed.

Danny and Karen then took three pieces of cord and talked about the Cord of Three Strands. Danny held the three attached strands and Karen then braided the strands together symbolizing “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

While this was happening the rings were then passed around in a warming of the rings tradition where guest held the rings and passed on good thoughts and wishes to the couple.

A prayer was said and then Danny and Karen exchanged rings and re-affirmed their commitment to each other with a kiss.

I wish them all the best and hope the next 30 years are full of as much love and happiness as the first 30…. Car x

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