Welcome to My World!

I have been looking back on where all this photographic journey began for me. I was given a Kodak point and shoot for my birthday back in August 2007. Before then I had not really been “into” photography and had only taken the odd family snaps and holiday shots. When I got the Kodak I found that I really enjoyed playing and learning about what this fine little camera could do and  started to find a love for it. So I guess this was the beginning of it all.

The love of photography could also rewind maybe many many years before that, as my dad was interested in photography and was always taking shots when we were growing up. These were all on slides and I remember the slide nights looking at many a bee macro shot and thinking not ANOTHER one. Times change when Dad and I spent a few hours sitting in a garden in Stanley, Tasmania last year taking shots of… oh yes… you guessed it,,, BEES!! and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So back to the Kodak and the beginning of the middle of it all. So I took the little camera everywhere and started LOOKING for shots. I now think I view the world through a camera lens and not an eyeball, but that is another story. So snaps I did take and when I look back on them I cringe 🙂 and have to remind myself that this is just another journey and at least in this photographic one I have traveled somewhere.

I soon  stumbled upon a site called Flickr, but thinking back now I’m not really sure how I came across it. The shot below is was my first posting back 2007.  I remember I took this just before Christmas  ( December 20th 2007) when my hubby and I were cruising in our 1967 Mustang convertible on a hot summers night here in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. ( For those of you that don’t know where I am at)  Not a bad memory to have for the beginning of a new journey and I guess the photo could be a lot worse, not sure how, but I am sure that it could.

This was a shot of the Christmas lights taken with one hand as we drove on by… lol Yes not the best circumstances to be taking photos and yes a lot to learn.

When I look back on my work I see phases that I have traveled through, sort of like stops along the way in the journey. I see peaks and valleys to it, times of learning and times of frustration when I cannot quite get to where I want to go. I still wonder where all this is headed and how far I will get. Destination unknown, but at this stage that is okay as I am still loving the ride.

So let’s jump to now where things have changed a little. No longer the little point and shoot, but a Nikon D300, another birthday present a year later. A huge jump in equipment and a steep learning curve I am still ( and will forever be) trying to climb. Of all my lenses I adore my 105mm2.5g  macro the best, it is an awesome piece of glass, with a lot of class. It produces the nicest of shots and never fails to impress.

A few of my favourite shots with this lens.

Hewwo ♥

Keep Me Close, Hold Me Tight...

Tell Me a Straw-ry

Wot You Lookin at?

Up Close and Personal

I am still learning all the technical aspects to being a great photographer, but really enjoy shooting for my own pleasure and enjoy going to that place where I loose myself in this OTHER world that I have discovered behind a camera.

I wonder what I will loose myself in tomorrow…….. Car 😮

See, Look, Feel…Photograph… Experience it all!

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6 Responses to Welcome to My World!

  1. Tanya Willey says:

    Beautiful story CarLee. It blows me away that you have been doing this since 2007. You have such a beautiful eye for detail and such an amazing imagination for your photos. I look at them in awe and you inspire me to be a better photographer! Congratulations on all you successes and I look forward to reading more in your blog.
    Kind Regards, Tanya

  2. debi says:

    hey carolyn… love this! can’t wait to keep seeing your world and reading your thoughts about it. 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    Nice work, love your photos and story.

  4. Tantris88 says:

    Hi Car – good luck with your blog.

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